Systems & Procedures

Work and management methods.

Do it Your Way

Create and document procedures to guide transactions and monitor performance.

Get everything done, by the right person, the right way, at the right time, for the right price – always. No big deal when you have the proper procedures in place. Fixing problems is easier when you are looking for them and skipping the blame part of the conversation. Encourage great performance by having procedures that make sense and yield benefits.

Connect business processes using the best of the following:

Delegating, reporting & accountability.
Clear job description and responsibility scope.
Organization and single-point reporting.
Built-in problem detection and incentive creation
Regular review and communication about performance.
Including stakeholders in decision making.
Legal and ethical awareness,
Managing data, backups, access, and security.

Chesky Brisk

Organizational Performance Coaching

Aligning human behavior with effective business systems to produce results.

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