Chesky Brisk

Organizational Performance Coaching

Have it all.

Coaching to help team leaders and partners enjoy doing their best and achieving business goals.

A unique combination of business culture, personnel development, and procedures focused on delivering results.

  • Business Goals 100% 100%
  • Customer Experience 100% 100%
  • Professional Development 100% 100%
  • Personal Satisfaction 100% 100%

What is Organizational Performance Coaching?

Bringing out the best in every member of the team and coordinating their effort towards achieving goals.

  • Every person’s talents and preferences are mined for business value.
  • Transparent processes link people within the business to each other and to customers.
  • Profits, growth, and job satisfaction thrive in a well-tuned and balanced environment.

Who is Chesky Brisk?

Chesky Brisk is a coach who shares his insight and experience to help others achieve important goals, such as:

  • Making profitable behavior the rewarding result of a balanced work life.
  • Achieving professional success without sacrificing personal satisfaction and meaning.
  • Leadership that reflects the team’s desire for coordination to communicate and focus their efforts.
  • Deciding what goals to pursue first, next, last, and never – and helping everyone follow the progress.

A long-time observer in a range of industries, Chesky Brisk offers ideas and techniques to people seeking success. The guidance is tailored to the people and business, to foster of improvements in key areas. Those key improvements can further be refined and coordinated to produce the optimal environment for achieving business goals and personal satisfaction.

How does it work?

Turning the focus to investing and developing human capital and creating a process with superior customer experience and worker satisfaction. Getting the best from every member of the team means business gets more effective and efficient – while staff get happier and grow. Customers get great handling with fewer problems and better long-term relationships – and more lifetime revenue.

You don’t get a threatening environment where infighting will allow the fittest of the jungle to dominate. No overbearing consultant eliminating positions and reducing compensation. The suggestions, techniques, and knowledge are yours to use as you need and wish, to make your work world a good place where good things happen to good people.

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